Candy Smart Single Oven Stainless Steel | FCP602XE


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Multitasking will become much easier with this 60cm Candy WiFi oven. Connect your phone to the oven and schedule it to start cooking your dinner so that it’s ready for when you get home. All you need to do is pop your prepped food in. It’ll link up with your phone’s time so that they are perfectly in sync and timings are never off. This appliance is exactly what you need if you have long working days or have a household of busy bees.

It comes with 8 functions, including a defrost option and even a pizza setting. No more burnt crusts! With a full width grill that’s combined with the oven, 1 shelf, 1 grill pan and a 65-litre capacity, there’s plenty of room to rustle up a Friday night feast.

Download the Candy Simply-Fi app and gain access to a load of recipes and a feature that’ll regularly check your oven is always working at its best. It also sends cleaning notifications when it’s due a spruce up, which is made even easier with thanks to its easy clean enamel.

Designed to be fitted at eye level or under work top, this oven should fit nicely into any kitchen style. And with and A+ energy efficiency rating, you’ll be saving some pennies as well as the planet.


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