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A good smartphone doesn't have to be expensive anymore. Take the Realme C35 64GB Green for example! This is an affordable smartphone that doesn't fall short of its more expensive brothers. Yet you're a lot cheaper! This phone offers great value for money.

This phone of Realme has an IPS-LCD screen of 6.6 inches where images and text are clearly displayed. You can use this smartphone to call, to do your banking, to listen to music and to take the occasional nice picture!

Smartphone with IPS-LCD screen

The natural colour range of this Realme C35 64GB Green makes your photos and videos look great. Looking for a phone with a really big screen? Then this phone is for you. The screen is nice and big, which is ideal for watching media or playing games. On a smartphone screen, full HD is extreme, because all the pixels are very close together. Letters have never been as sharp as on this Full-HD screen!

A full battery fast

Realme's phone supports fast charging, so you can have a full battery in no time. Do you have to leave in a hurry but only just notice that your phone is almost empty? Just pop it on the charger and it will be ready to go for a few more hours!

Battery that can last a whole day

A powerful battery is what this Realme C35 64GB Green has. The battery in this mobile phone has more than 4000mAh! This means you won't have to charge your device for a day, anyway.

Range of apps

With Android as an operating system, you have a wider range of apps. With some operating systems, a number of apps are not offered, but with Android, this is less or not at all the case.

Two SIM cards and extra storage

This phone has room for two SIM cards, so that you can use your work and private number in one phone. There is also room for a microSD card to expand the memory.

Power button is also the fingerprint scanner.

Unlock the Realme C35 64GB Green easily by pressing the power button, this button also functions as a fingerprint scanner.

Realme C35 64GB Green has a back made of plastic.

If you are afraid of damage from drops or bumps, this smartphone is the right choice, because of the plastic back, this device is not so easily damaged.

Nice camera

This phone has a total of three cameras on the back! In addition to standard photos, the macro and depth lenses give you just a little more option to shoot some nice pictures.

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