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Immersive sound at its best

Rich, deep, clear. Galaxy Buds Pro bring a powerfully immersive sound experience whether you’re playing music, games, movies, or more. 
Get ready to discover a whole new level of immersive sound with Galaxy Buds Pro. Featuring 2-way dynamic speakers, everything you listen to will truly come alive. The 11mm woofer lets you feel the fullest bass in every beat, while the 6.5mm tweeter brings superb clarity to the voices in your favourite podcasts. Plus, with audio this rich and powerfully refined, you’ll hear every last detail. The soundtrack to your life never sounded so good.


What you hear is up to you

Next-level Active Noise Cancellation not only blocks out unwanted distractions but lets you interact with the world around you and hold a conversation
Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation you get to control how much of your surroundings to block out or let in, so you can tune in without tuning out. With Ambient Mode, you can amplify the outside noise levels you want. Listening to music on a morning jog? You’ll still hear traffic when crossing a busy road. Then there’s Voice Detect that automatically detects speech, turns down what you’re listening to and switches to conversation mode. So when you order a coffee, you can hear the conversation – without taking Galaxy Buds Pro out of your ears. What could be easier?

Say hello to crystal clear calls

With three built-in mics and a Voice Pickup Unit, Galaxy Buds Pro block out unwanted noise to focus on your voice. So every word is crisp and clear.

Galaxy Buds Pro lets you make crisp, clear calls no matter what. It’s all down to three built-in mics. The outer mic blocks out surrounding noises, so the only sound the other two pick up is your voice. Whether you’re calling your mates or your boss, you won’t need to shout over the espresso machine or busy traffic in the background. On top of this, the Voice Pickup Unit enhances the sound of your voice, so it doesn’t sound tinny. Plus, Galaxy Buds Pro’s aerodynamic design prevents a windy day from ruining your call.

Play on and on, whatever the weather

Galaxy Buds Pro keep you grooving no matter what. With IPX7 water and sweat resistance, long-lasting battery power and fast wireless charging, it’s non-stop listening all the way.

Nothing gets in the way of your tunes. Sweating at the gym, pushing your personal best in the rain, or paddling in the sea, Galaxy Buds Pro have you covered with IPX7 water and sweat resistance. This protects Galaxy Buds Pro when submerged in up to 1meter 1 of water for up to 30 minutes. You won’t lose your groove to battery panic either. Galaxy Buds Pro’s long-lasting battery brings up to 18 hours’ play time 2.That’s 5 uninterrupted hours, with another 13 hours if you use the charging case. Need a boost fast? Skip the charger and power share with any QI compatible wireless device. In the five minutes it takes to get your gym gear on, you’ll have an hour of playtime3 –enough for your workout.


Do-it-all hands-free

Multi-tasking is hands-free and hassle-free with Galaxy Buds Pro. When you switch devices, Galaxy Buds Pro switches too.
Galaxy Buds Pro bring you hands-free multi-tasking at its best. Watching a boxset on your tablet and your mate calls your phone? Just pause the action and answer. There’s no need to touch your Galaxy Buds Pro, they automatically switch with you.


Never lose your headphones again 

From lost to found in an instant. Track your Galaxy Buds Pro easily with SmartThings Find5. Download the app and you’ll never have to worry about them going missing.
If you misplace your Galaxy Buds Pro you can easily track them with SmartThings Find5. The app makes locating your missing earbuds a breeze. It works with Maps to give you directions when you’re looking for them. If they’re near, simply use Bluetooth to find their exact location6. Better still, you can track each one separately – even if they’re out of range

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