Segway Ninebot E25E Electric Kick Scooter

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Easy To See

A bright front (2.5W), rear & break LED lights to combine to give riders increased visibility & sight at night. The Ninebot E25E also has sidelights that can be customised via the Segway-Ninebot App.

Improved Climbing

The increased motor power of the Segway E25E means it can now climb hills with an inclination of up to 15% with no noticeable drop-off. (Maximum speed of 25 km/h & maximum user weight of 100 KG)

Innovative Tyres

An innovative tyre design gives you both comfort & durability when riding this Segway Electric Scooter. The 9″ non-pneumatic tyres are filled with foam to make them puncture proof & gives them the feel of air-filled tyres. The front shock absorbers combine well with the tyres to give you a smooth ride.

Three Brake System

The 3 brake system of the Ninebot E25E all works independently to make sure you have a safe braking distance. The 3 brakes are an electronic regenerative brake, magnetic & mechanical front brake.

Ring The Bell

A press bell is included with the Segway E25E to make it easier for people to be aware of you. The bell attaches to the handlebars and is activated by pressing down with your thumb.

Extended Mudguard

One of the issues with riding an electric scooter is rain & getting dirty. An extended mudguard & IPX4 rating will keep you protected from rain & any splashes. (Not suitable for riding through puddles)

Smart Battery Management System

7 years of research & development by Segway-Ninebot resulted in the BMS System that has produced 300 million batteries. Extending battery life, user safety & accurate power display are some of the features of the BMS system.

E-MARK reflectors

Visibility & safety are vitally important when riding a Segway electric scooter. You will be easy to spot when riding the Segway E25E thanks to the E-MARK certified reflectors on the front, side & rear,

Durable Handlebar Grips

On a long ride, comfort is key. The hard rubber grips on the Ninebot E25E Electric Scooter are high quality which gives them increased durability but also makes them comfortable to hold. The accelerate & break throttles are colour coded (green & red) for the rider's convenience.

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