Segway Ninebot Max G30E II Electric Scooter


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Flagship performance

The MAX G30E II is Segway’s latest flagship released in May 2021 and boasts a 350W (brushless) rear-wheel drive motor, capable of producing 700W of power at peak – 40% more power than its Xiaomi M365 peer (in case you were wondering). With zippy acceleration, you’ll find the top-speed of up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) quick enough, yet comfortably within regulatory bounds and good for a jaw-dropping distance of up to 40 miles (65 km).

Max power, minimum charging

The big 551Wh lithium battery is equipped with Segway’s smart technology, preventing short circuits and employing an ingenious two-way charging and discharging mechanism. Best of all, the power pack is built-in, so there’s no bulky charging adapter cluttering your floor space. There’s a 3A fast-charger (supplied), which will give your Ninebot by Segway MAX G30E II a full charge in just under 6 hours.

Any terrain

The 10-inch puncture-proof tubeless pneumatic tyres work in harmony with Segway’s bespoke shock absorbers to provide a smoother ride, no matter the surface. Thanks to the powerful motor, the MAX G30E II is also capable of tackling hill climbs with an incline angle of up to 20% (depending on the conditions).

Riding data just a glance away

Adorning the stem’s crest is a bright LED display from where you can safely select your drive mode (from “Eco”, “Standard” or “Sport”), keep an eye on maintenance signals and connect your phone via Bluetooth connectivity. You can even select your scooter’s mood lighting via the Ninebot by Segway app (available on Google Play and Apple App Store).

Safety at its core

Segway has unsurprisingly made safety a priority throughout the MAX G30E II including a 2.5W front-facing LED light, as well as side reflectors and a brake light. Firm front & rear dual-braking systems will bring the 10-inch wheels to a safe stop. In the latest May 2021 MAX G30E II incarnation, Segway has also improved the folding mechanism to accommodate a one-handed operation and updated the handlebar design.

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