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  • 25 km/h
  • 70 km
  • 900W
  • Spring & hydraulic suspension

Key Features:

  • Extra-long range up to 70 km (43.5 mi) provided by RideyLong technology that effectively improves the range by 8%. Where by the battery is protected by the Battery Management system for extra safety.
  • Powerful brushless motor with 900W maximum power to reach up to 25km/h, to improve climbing capability up to 22% inclination.
  • Automobile-class Traction Control System (TCS) helps prevent the wheels from losing traction while accelerating, particularly in slippery and hazardous conditions.
  • Double suspension with hydraulic front and double spring at the rear provide an enhanced level of comfort by significantly reducing the impact of vibrations.
  • Wider handlebar with integrated turn indicators and rear indicators for improved safety and effective communication while riding.
  • Upgraded large 10-inch self-sealing tyres, to reduce punctures and maintenance to provide higher durability and adaptivity for complex road conditions.
  • High-decibel electronic horn doubles as an anti-theft warning alarm with motion detection.
  • Dual braking system with front drum brake and E-ABS rear brake to offer rear wheel drive, and provide improved safety, stability, durability, energy efficiency and
  • less noise.
  • Three riding modes to choose from, including a customizable sport mode that allows increased acceleration through the app.
  • 2.1 W front LED light and rear light with a blinking braking light to improve visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Effortlessly foldable with a single hand: Its two-step folding system allows convenient storage in your vehicle or home.
  • The KickScooter features an easy-to-read full-colour LED dashboard that displays real-time driving information for the rider’s convenience.

The MAX G2 E is the flagship model designed for premium commuting, offering higher quality and greater reliability for long-range rides of up to 70 km. This long-range is thanks to the new RideyLong performance system, which includes a 551 Wh battery located in the footboard (approx. 5 hours for a full charge), self-seal-ing formula tyres and optimised controller algorithms. To improve riding quality and stability on uneven roads,the MAX G2 E is fitted with a dual suspension system, with a hydraulic front and double spring at the rear.The high-performance and powerful brushless motor (maximum 900 W) can easily handle slopes of 22%. Additionally, the MAX G2 E features a dual braking system, consisting of a front drum brake and an E-ABS rear brake, ensuring extra safety and reliable braking. The MAX G2 E KickScooter is also equipped with an Automobile-class TCS (Traction Control System), which helps maintain stability in slippery conditions. More-over, the Apple Find My feature enables easy and secure location tracking of your KickScooter. This Kick Scooter features an enlarged design that can hold up to 120 kg payload. It comes with integrated indicators on the wider handlebar and rear. The battery management system (BMS) ensures that no energy is wasted andmonitors the battery for safety. You can connect the MAX G2 E to your intelligent riding assistant in the APP via Bluetooth, where you can access the (un)locking functions, monitor the current riding status, and track power consumption. The comprehensive upgrade of comfort and safety features ensures an elevated driving experience for users.

On city roads, back alleys, or gravel paths in the countryside, the Ninebot KickScooter MAX G2 E will be your perfect companion! With its range of up to 70 km thanks to the newly developed Ridey LONG technology, its powerful rear-wheel drive,combined with a double suspension system, and the Traction Control System to maintain stability on slippery roads,the MAX G2 E unlocks your ride to the next level!

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