Sage the Perfect Press Sandwich Maker | SSG600BSS2GUK1


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Sage the Perfect Press Sandwich Maker | SSG600BSS2GUK1

The Perfect Press’s innovative Crush Control hinge design ensures there is just enough weight to deliver a toasted crisp outside without crushing the inside, resulting in a crisp, fluffy sandwich.

Adjustable height control

Adjustable height control keeps the top plate at just the right height to melt and brown any size open sandwich you can think to create from lofty croissants to flatbreads.

Crush control hinge

A long-lasting Crush Control hinge delivers less than half a pound of pressure to toast perfectly without squashing what’s inside. Combined with a floating design, the lid applies the perfect press for your sandwich.

Easy clean design

The cooking plates are designed with wide surface curves to ensure there are no hard to clean places and with PFOA-Free non-stick coating to ensure they will be easy to clean.

Countertop conscious

This compact unit delivers maximum taste while occupying minimum counter space.

Space-saving storage

The sturdy storage clip safely locks plates together and the rear foot enables easy upright storage.

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