So you have been missing the barbers and need to trim those growing locks? We have pulled together some quick tips to help you get your hair in shape for the summer.

1. Choose Your Room Carefully!

You don't want to leave mounds of hair buried deep in your carpet, choose a room with floors that are easier to vacuum. Ideally, you want to cut your hair in a bathroom.

2. Mirror or Assistant?

If you have a trusted partner to help you cut your hair, draft them in. If not, make sure you have easy access to a mirror to ensure you don't come out of the experience with worse hair than the beginning.

3. Know Your Style

Have an idea of what look you want before turning on those clippers. You want to avoid having no end game to work towards.

4. Dampen Your Hair

Dampening your hair before the cut will make it easier for the blades to do their job. If you are an advocate of hair styling products, make sure you wash them out before starting.

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