Siemens iQ300 Induction Hob | EH611BE15E


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Design hob with a fully integrated, totally flush air-inlet.

  • touchControl makes the control of your cooktop especially convenient, just by the touch of a finger.
  • powerBoost – Increases the power of an induction zone by up to 50%.
  • Safely shuts off the cooking zone – Timer with switch-off function.
  • The child safety lock safely prevents unintentional switch-on.
  • Faster, cleaner and safer cooking – powerInduction.

Precise, simple and innovative: touchControl.

touchControl makes oven control especially convenient. Just touch your finger to the operating panel on the all-glass front.

More power when you need it.

Use powerBoost to increase the power of an induction zone by up to 50%. That could save you up to 35% of the time it usually takes to heat up pots. Spend less time waiting and more time stirring, seasoning and serving your brilliant meals.

Timer with cooking zone shut-off function

The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires.

Hazards are eliminated: the childproof lock.

With the childproof lock button, you can quickly and easily protect each induction hob against unauthorised operation. The childproof lock blocks all the hob's functions at the touch of a button. Locking is cleared by pressing the button again and holding down for a few seconds.

Faster, cleaner and safer cooking - powerInduction.

Instantly hot. Instantly cold. Experience the benefits of Siemens Power induction. Heat is conducted directly to the pans and their contents via induction coils, without heating the hob. What this means for you: heat-up times are short, safety is increased and the hob is much easier to clean.

The inductionAir Plus guarantees minimal noise without compromising on suction power.

inductionAir Plus supports you in being the perfect host as it always guarantees fresh air without odours or grease at minimum noise.

Ultra-easy cleaning.

With inductionAir, there’s a triple overflow protection system that helps prevents liquids or other spills from entering the hob. If anything does spill into the unit, you can simply pop the dishwasher-safe grease filters into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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